cant wait for this afternoon!!!

weve got a lot of stuff going on, and one major thing that were really excited about!!

it was already 80 degrees at 4am today.
thats brutal. 
were totally going to go buy more fans this afternoon along with everything else were doing LOL

S.' ex wife now seems to think that introducing tons of guys to her daughter is not only OK, but that she should now introduce whole new families to k.!! thats right, the new guy that shes dating, has a daughter who is k.s age and goes to school with k..  way to go stopping the jealousy.  and NOW, when you break up with this guy, youre not going to just screw up k. by having her lose another father figure, shes also going to lose a friend and a "sister".  how awkward is that going to be when you have to tell her that she cant hang out with this little girl anymore because you and her father dont get a long??  way to go.

i find it ridiculous that S. has to constantly ask his ex wife to make sure that k. is available to talk on the phone....and his ex wife never gets it through her thick skull.  the other day S. had to call before 6pm so he could talk to his daughter before his ex wifes new boyfriend and his daughter showed up.  but i do think its pretty funny that the ex wifes new boyfriend was able to find free baby sitting so easy LOL thats right, the ex wife is watching his kid for him (overnight) while hes at work LOL  wow.  k. sure is getting a lot of alone time with you since you quit your job LOL.  way to go.

im thinking im also going to get some more of those vacuum storage bags today....they work AWESOME and ive got lots of stuff that i need to store away.

dudes wicked cute hanging out in his diaper all day :D

i really really really miss sushi...like, good sushi, and would kill for a spicy crunchy tuna roll!!

i cant wait to get some new shirts and boots for dude today :)

the other day, he was holding pieces of his steak out to galore (our cat...think the name through...there you go...) saying"num num....no."  then hed eat it! LOL it was hysterical!  its nice that hes asking the cat if she wants it before he stuffs it in his own mouth HAHAHA

and earlier in the day, we were outside and he was playing with the neighbors cat, holding a stick out to it, saying "num num".....  as i was trying to explain to him that cats dont eat sticks, the cat started chewing on the stick.  imagine that.

we have string beans in our garden!!!  very tiny of course, but well be able to eat them soon!!

i cant wait to go to the day spa soon!! :D

and the blueberry festival is in a couple of weeks! :)

gotta get going :)  im actually going to finish watching red riding hood before we leave so we can return our movies and get more :)  and im going to work on my strategy to convince S. that we should go out to lunch today :) LOL <3  hes so good to me <3

an example:
the fact that i can barely see out my kitchen sink window because the window sill is full of vases of flowers that he always picks for me whenever he goes outside <3

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