a late lunch...

yes, im just now settling down to have lunch (its 3!!)  but thats ok :)  i was running errands, and dude stayed with my nana for a few hours and S. had lunch with them :)  sooooo im having some chicken alfredo yummy :D

i got some new clothes for dude todayyyyy!!! :D

dudes taking a nap....which is cute and awesome....but its weird when he sleeps with his eyes open!!  LOL i now understand why S. thinks its so creepy when i do it LOL :D

i am constantly amazed at how awesome and funny and smart and handsome dude is...i know im a "gushing" mom, but what mom isnt??  i dont know what S. and i ever did to deserve such an awesome kid, but were so blessed to have him in our lives <3

watching the news this morning, i saw a new segment about the newest trend with new moms..."mommyrexia"  how ridiculous.  apparently moms are so inundated with magazines featuring pictures of movie stars and models who look amazing only weeks after having their babies, that moms now feel the need to not eat during their pregnancies and to work out the entire time.  ridiculous.  there is absolutely Nothing wrong with being a consciously healthy eater, but to starve yourself so that the only part of you that is big is your belly is stupid and obviously harmful to your baby (obviously if that is your body type, this dosnt apply to you) and of course working out during pregnancy is a healthy thing, but if you never exercised before, why start now??  so many woman seem to forget that stars and models have nannies who watch their kids for them so they can work out for hours a day, and a dietician, and a personal cook.....who in the real world can afford that??  (well, maybe the trainer, but definately not all of us can afford all that)  there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body, youre supposed to gain 25 to 35 pounds on average.....its something you should be proud of, this is your child!!  there is nothing wrong with it taking a year or so to get back to your original weight....  now, dont get me wrong, do i have issues with my body?  yes.  am i self conscious about it? yeah sometimes. did i lose a ridiculous amount of weight after damien was born? yes (i admit, it was awesome :)  i weighed less than i did in high school) ..... but i also understand "airbrushing"  and these woman have free time to get skinny in a month after theyve had their baby. 

meanwhile....this chilcken alfredo is rockin LOL

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