while my baby sleeps......

its been while i know i know...but what can one do?? theres been lots of stuff going on...between work, and dude, and getting ready for kentucky things have been pretty busy :D

lets see....

fathers day was GREAT :)  dude and i let daddy sleep in, then i made bacon and cinnamon rolls yummy!  we went up to my parents house to see my dad, then went for a drive it was so nice out!  came home, my man went fishing :)  and brought home 3 fish!  then he taught dude how to cast, which was wicked cute with my mans huge fishing pole!  he LOVED the daniel tosh dvd and new grill brush that dude and i gave him :)  i was so excited to give them to him i almost couldnt wait!!  i knew hed love his gifts from us a lot more than the other gift he got LOL  then my man cooked steaks on the grill, and yes used his new grill brush hehe and we had lots of other stuff that he loved that i cooked up :)  the only bad part of the day was when he tried to talk to k., but the ever-interfering ex wife and her grandmother kept interrupting so k. got frustrated while trying to tell her daddy about how she had just hurt her toe....and she just got off the phone instead....i felt bad...but thats for another blog.

dude is doing awesome :)  getting soooo big!!  and he has an awesome personality, even if it is at times trying on the nerves LOL  his eyelid is all better now from when he got a bug bite on it thank goodness :)  and he had his first haircut!!  no i didnt cry...but it was close, i think i didnt cry cause it was completely sprung on me, we had gone in to just make an appointment, but the girl had said she could do it right then...so we did... he still has his curls :)  and it looks really cute :)

in hilarious news....my mans ex wife is under the impression that shes a better mother than me...for many reasons...which i laughed about hysterically when i read this!! 
 - apparently buying my kid some clothes (which he wears to playgroups because theres always dirt, and water, and paint involved) at thrift stores....yeah....  do my man and i buy NEW clothes for dude all the time? yes we do :)  we just dont do it all at once because we suddenly decide that he needs a new summer wardrobe (yes this is what the ex wife did for her daughter)  we spread out our costs, and yes buy some things at thrift stores and yard sales.....does this make me a bad mom?  nope, not in any way whatsoever...but she can think what she wants....
 - and shes also claiming that i drank through two thirds of my first pregnancy.....did she see me have a few drinks?  yes she did, but since i left NC  when i was just beginning my 5th month....nooo thats not two thirds is it?  way to go with your math sweetie...and HOW would she know what i did once i left? well, i dont know either LOL...... 
 - and she also thinks that shes a better mom because she has never lit a cigarrette a day in her life, i on the other hand, according to her, smoked through my entire pregnancy....again, i left NC at the beginning of my 5th month, so how would she know this?  i dont know....again NONE of her business what i do during MY pregnancy :) 
 - i would like to point out....i had NO complications with my pregnancy WHATSOEVER! AND dude is absolutely perfect with no health complications and he was born with a PERFECT, as in a 10, apgar score, which even the nurses at his delivery said they had never seen before!
 - she has also claimed that i "found a good man and shacked up with him so i can sit around and do nothing" while she, on the other hand, works, and goes to school.....again, WRONG :)  she knows NOTHING about me.  when i met my man, i was working 2 jobs, i have been working since i was 13, at some times working 2 jobs, and when i moved in with my man, he TOLD me not to work, because it wasnt necessary and he likes taking care of me, and it was fun being a "housewife."  currently, i work, i help out with the household income (alot), i take care of dude, run our household, AND i will say it again, even though i have said it repeatedly to this silly girl ... IF I HAD WANTED A LIFE WHERE I COULD DO NOTHING, I WOULDVE STAYED IN NY AND MARRIED A WICKED RICH GUY!!....
 - .her other reason for being a better mom than me? cause she provides a beautiful house for her daughter to live in while we live in a small apartment....YOU LIVE WITH YOUR GRANDMOTHER, ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE!!!!  and whoever said our apartment was small?  its not, with 3 bedrooms and 2 floors, nope def not small, and shes never seen pics..OR BEEN HERE....so way to go again with assuming that you know everything....silly silly silly...... 
 - i want to point out one very strong, single point...and this is in no way a jab at anyone else except for this silly ex wife.....i have one question for you...how many daddys has my son known??  hmmm, ONE!! HIS OWN!!  and another question...how many guys have you been with since leaving my man....i mean, since cheating on him while he was deployed, during which time you claim that you were completely supporting his career..?  hmmmmm at current count, we have ..... 3? 4?  and you had a "friend"  living at your house.....who was a guy...and spent a lot of time with k....and youre now dating someone else?  hmmm....and the LAST guy you dated, you were with him for 4(!!!!)  months and had him help rearrange your 4 year old daughters bedroom...that was smart!!  you must have known him REALLY GOOD to let some guy in your little girls room....then posted pics about it online....anyways!!!!!! 

there is so much that the ex wife is throwing at my man and i, that all we can do is laugh at her :D 

in other news thats much more fun :D  my man and i have been doing some major house hunting!!  were tired of renting, and even though we'll have to stay that way until probably early next year, weve been looking all over the place, contacting people about his VA loan, and saving our money to put toward the house :)  (and a wedding - no we dont have a date yet, but im pretty sure itll be next summer :)  i want to make sure its a knock out grand thing cause im only doing it once :)  and he knows this, and even though hed get married this weekend at the JOP if i said "lets go"  he knows that i want a big wedding with the whole nine yards :)  weve also been talking about paying off his truck and getting me a new vehicle which is gonna be awesome :) 

and the other day i was (finally) cleaning through all the stuff that my man had packed away in his storage unit from when he was married to the silly ex wife (we just threw it all in the truck when moving up here, ive never looked though it before)  and came across allllll the stupid, insipid, full of drivel notes she wrote to him in high school about how she dosnt want to get pregnant at 15...i laughed (for one reason, because she DID get prego at 15) and my man told me to throw them away, because obviously they mean NOTHING to him :D  was it petty of me to love this? maybe, but it was still fun LOL  i should have mailed them to her so she could put them in the binder full of notes that he wrote to HER in high school.....YES  she has a BINDER, labeled and everything, (how funny! get over it already!!)  i wonder where she hides this, and the pics of him that she has all over her bedroom, when shes "dating" someone??  oh and how do i know these things, because shes posted alllllll of this information online....silly silly silly....regardless, i didnt want to waste the postage on her LOL  so in the trash they went!! :D

other news, other news...we planted a garden and were really excited about it and were constantly analyzing whats coming up and how tall things are :)     we want to take a long weekend sometime this summer to go camping :)  and we want to take dude to the york animal kingdom sometime soon........annnnnnd i think dude is on the verge of waking up so i have to go...... :D

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