long one

im starting this blog off, with a blanket ALREADY on me and covering my feet LOL

i definately need more coffee though and should have thought to refill my cup before getting comfortable..and letting princess fall asleep on my chest LOL  shes such a cuddle bunny :D  S. and i love it  <3

it may not be a huge thing to some people, to some it may be a common occurance, but you know, S. and i dont go out to breakfast very often, its one of our ways of saving money, annnnd i have no problem whipping up pancakes or cinnamon rolls or eggs, etc on the weekends, i actually really enjoy it.....so when he looked at me on saturday morning, and said..."lets go out to breakfast..."  that was awesome :D  and we had a great breakfast too :)  we went to a local restaurant, and its funny because our old building managers wife works there, and she is absolutely in love with dude ( i mean really, who isnt?  except for k. and her mom LOL that will be explained laterrrr) so we spent a very pleasant morning laughing at dude flirting with her, and she cuddled princess for a while, then as we were leaving dude decided to tell everyone in the resteraunt "merry christmas"...  one at a time....as we were walking past their tables on our way out  lol  <3  its nice to hear "what a nice looking family"  from everyone <3

{{i started this blog monday morning, and i am just now finishing it, thats how crazy this week has been, so no, im not covered in a blanket anymore, but yes princess is cuddling on my chest because she just had lunch, and dude is watching "nightmare before christmas" :) }}

then S. and dude ran a bunch of errands including getting new tires put on the truck :)  i hung out with princess...it was a chill day .... then S. and i spent a while looking at pictures that night :)  we were laughing hysterically <3  we were up for a long time that night, for many reasons ;P

sunday princess was 3 weeks old!!!  ohhh how time flies :D  i did some grocery shopping, then cleaned the house like a whirlwind because . told me when i got home that "santa" would be making an appearance around 4 or so...yeah, you didnt know santa made appointments did you... LOL  and although dude isnt that fond of real santas...he apparently loves real santas that give him chocolate LOL offff couuuurse he does LOL  but he also got a very cool puzzle book and princess got a cute dress :)

ive been spending the week wrapping presents....theres a lot to wrap, and im thinking that the rest is going to be wrapped on christmas eve after dude goes to bed since he hasnt been taking naps..... *sigh* 

other things going on?

dude totally blew up my spot the other day....at supper time, dude and i recount our days activites for daddy, ex: dude tells him what he had for meals, if anyone came to visit, what we watched on tv, why mama put him in time out (LOL) {ive been doing this to work on dudes memory...)  now, i totally let dude watch things he wants to during the day...super why, sesame street, how the grinch stole christmas, etc, but there comes a point when i cant deal anymore, and i tell dude "its mamas turn to watch what she wants"  and yes, sometimes we watch soap operas....so sue me.... well, the other night, S. asked dude what he watched that day....dude said, very clearly, "waaatch...genral hospal"  *sigh*  S. looked at me...i burst out laughing...then explained the situation....whatever....dude and S. will both have to deal with the fact that i watch soaps LOL

im tired of everyone having snow except for us....we got stupid ass freezing rain yesterday.  it sucked.  yes, i find snow annoying when its march or april and we get another foot, but i dont think its too much to ask for, to have a few inches of white stuff on christmas......i know i know, were just never satisfied, either we dont have enough snow, or we just want it gone.

did i make a turkey dinner yesterday? uh yeah.  why the hell not? LOL it was goooooood :D  and i made mashed potatoes with parsnips, oh man, that was a great decision on my part!  S. and dude loved them too!!

missing children make me really sad.  and now that the craziness has made its way here....i think its time to move further into the woods....

we lost power again the other day, i have NO idea why.  but i will tell you that im getting incredibly annoyed with the electric company.  i do not like having to try and start the generator at 8 am, when its friggen freezing cold outside...i mean, it was one of the coldest days that weve had so far this winter, and our power goes out?  apparently it was out all over the place.  then the other night S. and i woke up in the middle of the night to find the power had gone out again!!  the stove had turned off and the house was freezing!!  WTF!!  thank god the power had already come back on and we were able to start the stove up quickly.  all of those conversations that S. and i have had about owning our own house and getting a federal grant to install solar panels is looking more and more like an awesome idea.

i have an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow!!  soooo excited :D

although i love that dude loves his show "super why" and that its obvious that hes learning a lot from it (he loves singing the ABC's and knows at least half of his letters)  i DO NOT like having the theme song to "super why" stuck in my head for hours on end.  thats all i have to say about that.

whats up with the recent moustache craze?  i dont understand it at all. 

i saw the other day, that my blog has had lots of views from RUSSIA of all places....wtf? really?  whatever.  thats cool LOL  but if youre in russia, and reading my blog, send me a message, id be interested to find out what the deal with this is LOL

updates with k. and her mom? 


remember how k. got her tonsils out last month?  her mom tells S. a couple of weeks ago, that there was a tumor in her tonsils, and they tested it, and everything is ok, but the doctor told k.s mom that it was most likely caused by chemicals that S. brought home on his clothes from when he was working with bombs in the Marine Corps.  wow way to go trying to blame S. when he hasnt even seen k. in how long??  didnt your second husband, who was also in the Marine Corps, work with planes? and most likely other chemicals?  wasnt your next boyfriend in the Marine Corps also?  what was his job? when did her tonsils start getting enlarged and needing to be removed?  recently right? yeah.....   then she tells S. that shes telling him about this because she wants him to be careful because she dosnt know what kind of stuff he works with now, and he should be careful because of dude and princess....yeah ok.  how about my children are none of your concern? :)

she also says..."what are you getting k. for christmas?"  S. tells her hes all set with ideas from her, because we already got her some things....she says..."oh ok because i had a really good idea for something for you to get her...but i forgot..."   way to go making yourself look stupid and wasting our time on an absolutely pointless part of a conversation.

she asks what we got for k., because k. is in her custody and she, as the mom, has the last say on what k. gets to have...we tell her "dont worry about it"  she tells S. that shes going to open up the presents before k. sees them so that if theres anything in there that she, the mom, dosnt like, k. wont get it.  how awesome is that?  does she think we sent k. some deer meat or something?  what a bitch.

k. is now acting like a snot to dude as well as her father.  this past sunday she said to dude "why do you always want to talk to me?"  niiiice.  great manners.  be a snot to your little brother who is totally blameless in this situation, and who gets totally excited about talking to you.  im thinking ill stop asking dude if he wants to talk to k., theres no reason for it anyway, not until theyre older at least.

we got a package the other day from k. full of presents for S. and dude and princess.....my thoughts?  my kids wont be getting those presents, theyll be donated somewhere....theres no reason for them to have things that im sure k. didnt even pick out herself...they can exchange presents when they get older, if they want to, when they know the whole situation.....

thats it for now....maybe i should eat some lunch?  ehhhhh i guess so....hopefully S. actually gets to leave work early today!!  yeah for christmas vacation!!  :D  were so excited to see everyone, and have our tree with our kids!!  :D


Cold Feet

cold feet suck.

i got up with princess a little while ago, put S.s sweatpants on and came downstairs to give her a bottle and a diaper change.....and in my still-asleep-blur, i completely forgot that usually the hardwood floors downstairs are pretty cold at 4:45 am, whether or not the stove has been roaring all night long......soooooo.....princess is passed out on my chest (yes i CAN write a blog while a baby sleeps on me LOL) and i mean majorly passed out, so i dont want to move to get a blanket.....now the top half of me is like being in a furnace, and i have my feet tucked up under me trying to warm them and im even eyeballing the burp cloth wondering if it will give off any sort of warmth......maybe this laptop sitting on my lap will spread some warmth downwards towards my feet...i can only hope.   now i know what S. is complaining about every night when i put my feet on him when we get into bed LOL :D

f**k it im getting a blanket......


now on to the important stuff :)

S. and i are so friggen excted for christmas its unbelievable!!!!   seriously, we strolled around, debating for at least 2 hours yesterday (and of course weve been debating for at least a month now) trying to find the perfect "santa" present for dude....it was intense   lol not really...  but we finally agreed on something, i distracted dude by taking him to another part of the store, and when he was asking for daddy, well, i told him that daddy had to go have a conversation with santa lol :)  and S. went and bought this HUGE ASS firetruck with all of the bells and whistles - i dont even know how im going to wrap it -  its big enough for him to ride on - and we cant wait to see dudes eyes light up <3  i was organizing presents last night, and these kids are going to make out like bandits LOL

S. and i got even MORE good news on thursday!!!!!  talk about karma!!!  :D

i think im going to avoid walmart like the plague for the next week......talk about "shoot myself in the foot" ridiculously packed with friggen annoying and rude people.....ugh....

may i have been one of those people at one point?  yeah, i would like to think "no"   but i do know that there were times that the four of us were blocking the aisle for some reason or another, or i was standing, looking at toys and baby clothes, and my eyes were so glazed over from all of the overstimulation of the christmas on steroids decorations and music that i didnt notice for a few seconds that someone was trying to get past me/us.... so if i was one of those "friggen annoying and rude people" to any of you, im sorry and im also sorry for being a little bit of a hypocrite LOL  tis the season LOL

im going to try and get my hair done before christmas! :) 

the kids are doing great...im pretty sure dude is getting bigger every day :)  and princess has been sleeping through the night for the past couple of weeks now :)  S. and i are always telling each other we have beautiful, awesome kids <3 <3 <3

the other day S. laughed at me when i told him... "listen, you think i dont have enough to do around here?  you think i have time to turn your socks right side out when im folding clothes AND match them too?  so, from now on, if you dont turn your socks right side out when you take them off, theyre going to get washed and then im throwing them back into your sock drawer, just like that, im not even going to match them.  seriously."  he was laughing so hard by the time i was done with this spiel, i mean, i was saying it with a smile on my face, and laughing, not freaking out on him at all LOL.....well have to see if he takes me seriously...
because im very serious LOL :D  i love him <3

i just somehow managed to feed the cats while still holding princess, and shes still sleeping.....im kind of impressed with myself...why did i suddenly have to feed the cats?  because i hadnt realized that there was no food is their dish until i took away the package of cat treats that tulah/tuna was dragging across the floor and trying to open up *sigh*

i think im done for now....

i also think im going to have to go so i can deal with tulah, who is now trying to rip the gold garland off of our tree....WTF cat??  just because im up, dosnt mean you have to go crazy ape shit all over the house....both cats are running back and forth from the tree to the stairs, at top speed, so that its incredibly loud and if this wakes dude up im going to be annoyed.

but, this is slightly (not a lot) better than when dude is running at top speed from the tree, to the dining room, to the bathroom, while screaming at the top of his lungs, because, you know, thats the thing to do right before bedtime.  S. loves this, seriously, loves when dude does this.....i dont understand it, but i love that S. loves it <3 and you know, when dude stops, and smiles at me, i cant help but smile back at him and love it too :) <3

pancakes for breakfast?
helllllll yeahhhh.....

<3 <3 <3


Lazy Day....

is there such a thing when you have a 2 year old and a newborn? 
 um...yeah, yeah there is LOL

especially when your newborn sleeps all the time, and your 2 year old will sit in the dining room and amuse himself for the 20 minutes that youre in the shower :D  gotta love it!!  soooo....there was a nice long hot shower for me....dude and i got dressed for the day (princess is still sleeping, so shell get changed later) and now dude is watching "super why"  he friggen LOVES this show!!  like, L.O.V.E.S it with a passion LOL  but hes so awesome at his letters and sometimes he points out letters to us and says "super why"  like  "T!!  SUPER WHY!!"  so its obvious that hes learning about letters on the show.....soooo yeahhhh i put up with it....the show i DONT put up with??  "sid the science kid"  god  that show annoys the hell out of me!!

things have been chill around here :)

sunday S. and i left the kids with my parents, then took the 4wheeler down to my parents camp and found a christmas tree! :)  it was fun being out with just S., even though it was COLD!! then we ran to walmart for a few things, including some more christmas presents...but it was reallllly quick, cause i wasnt feeling that good...but im all better now :)  got home, S. called k., {{surprise surprise they had gone to spend the weekend in raleigh to go christmas shopping...i wonder if she (k.s mom) brought her current boyfriend along...like she brought her boyfriend of the month last christmas season too   LOL its kinda sad that her grandmother is such an enabler that she will pay for hotel rooms for her and whatever guys she happens to be dating that month.....}}  then S. did some work outside, and then he and dude put the tree up, and we all decorated it (well, princess "supervised") :D  S. was really cute wearing reindeer horns and hanging lights <3 :D 

something that is seriously concerning S. and i though?  whenever S. asks k. about her moms new boyfriend....she gets reallllly quiet, sounds sad, refuses to talk about him, has to be coached to talk (we can hear people telling her things in the background) and it causes an all around uneasy feeling in mine and S.s guts.....thats not good.  especially after she just spent a long weekend (over thanksgiving) with her mom and her moms new boyfriend, and k. has nothing good to say about it or him.....at one point k. told S. she dosnt like the new boyfriend, so S. asked her "why?"  then we could hear people talking to her in the background, then k. proceeds to tell S. that shes just joking, but shes not laughing at all....hmmmm.  *uneasy feelings in our guts grows* 

(and k.s mom claims that i try to get involved in k.s and S. conversations? yeah, ok. )

there has been lots and lots of celebrating at our house lately :D

im totally craving some chicken alfredo.....

and i think im going to make gingerbread men later today :D

ohhhh goooooood.....dinosaur train is on.......but you see, this is what dude and i do....we compromise (he recently learned this word).....he gets to watch a few shows that he wants, then its mamas turn :)  yes, my son has watched law and order SVU    LOL   and now he loves nightmare before christmas too :)  just like daddy <3  

our new favorite game to play with dude?  we "take" his nose and put it in our pocket LOL he laughs hysterically, but then gets kind of distressed .... is this a little mean because were laughing the whole time? yeah maybe, but its seriously funny LOL hes started "taking" our noses and putting them in his pocket :)  this is the game for the supper table every night <3  annnnd my son will occasionally look at me, out of the blue, and tell me im a booger LOL  <3

princess is doing great!!  shes so sweet :D  and almost back to her birth weight, only a couple more ounces to gain, but its obvious that shes putting on weight, and her face is rounding out <3  shes more alert now when shes awake, and dosnt fall asleep as soon as shes done eating :)  we had to start her on formula, because like when i was breastfeeding dude....my body just dosnt like it, and stopped producing enough milk...oh well, a couple of weeks breastfeeding is better than not at all :)  the drawback?  formula scented burps...gross LOL

something i love?  sleepy milk drunk face LOL  im sure you all know what im talking about :D

and even though i know its just gas, it still makes me smile when she smiles in her sleep <3

i found some t shirts on etsy of a lumberjack punching a bear, and im thinking about getting one for S. for christmas LOl and i want to message the guy and see if i can get a shirt of a princess punching a unicorn LOL i think that would be funnnnny LOL :D

alrrriiiiightt time to go :)  i think dinosaur train is almost over  LOL and i want to start a load of laundry before princess wakes up :) 

<3 <3 <3


an all around update

first and foremost...im laying on my stomach to write this LOL
what fun!!

life is awesome!!

of course princess was born, dude is doing awesome with the whole "little sister" thing :)  sometimes he calls her a lazy bum like i do, sometimes he calls her princess like daddy does <3  he asks to hold her all the time, gives her kisses, and cuddles next to her on the couch...
the other day i looked over and he was holding her hand while he was watching "how the grinch stole christmas"

after she was born, and we saw dude after he spent the night with my parents, he looked so big!! 
i swear it was hilarious!!  were pretty sure he grew a lot in those 24 hours!  and changing his diaper is hilarious because his little butt looks so huge compared to princess' LOL :D

the whole sleep deprivation thing? 
well, obviously im used to it, because even though dude sleeps through the night, now if i have to get up with princess, im ok the next day...that works out very well!

S. got a new job!!  hes so excited about it and he starts right after christmas!! 
were talking about moving into a different apartment soon too!!

were talking a lot about buying a piece of land and building a yurt!
yes im serious! 
we were talking to our neighbors about it, they used to live in one, and they showed us some pictures, and were seriously talking about it :) 

the house looks really funny with so much pink spread all around it now :D

S. and i moved dudes toy box into the dining room today because it was in the corner where we want to put our christmas tree tomorrow.....wow was that a chore!! 
we were both laughing the whole time because i guess we didnt really realize how many toys he has!

so yes, getting our christmas tree tomorrow....im very excited about it! 
and although it will be nice to not have to tromp through a couple of feet of snow, in the woods, up to my parents house...its also kind of annoying in a way....i mean, i keep looking out the window and thinking that i still have lots of time to prepare for christmas, because it dosnt feel like christmas with no snow on the ground....then i look at the calendar, and hyperventilate just a little LOL 
its not like we have a lot to do, but still....
you know?

it was funny when i realized the other day that this year well actually have to keep all the presents hidden until christmas eve...because dude would open up everything as soon as it was put under the tree LOL  annnnd there will most likely be lots of paper and other soft type ornaments on the tree this year, not just because of dude...but also because im pretty sure that at some point tulah will be climbing the tree....

and actually, no, i dont like christmas music.

S. and i have both been working really hard on our business, hes been turning wood mallets on his lathe to sell on ebay, and ive been knitting like crazy for my shop on etsy, and its coming along really well :)

annnnnd i guess thats mostly it for now.....
life is really good :D 

<3 <3 <3

"Princess" 11.27.11

welcome to the world little girl!! 
born on sunday 11.27.11 at 4:41 am
(yes i just said A.M., im still trying to catch up on my sleep from THAT one lol!!)

wow, S. and i had been saying for MONTHS that our daughter was most likely going to be born thanksgiving weekend....did we ACTually think it would happen??  i dont think soooo...

but it was pretty cool that it did :D

we had a check up on friday the 25th and the doctor told me i was a couple centimeters dialated, i had been having contractions off and on for a few days at that point...so.....S. and i decided that it WAS going to happen that weekend LOL

saturday there was lots of standing...you know, gravity and all LOL, then S. put LOTS of jalapenos on the sandwich that he made for me for lunch (which i love jalapenos and asked for them!)  thennnnnn.....we put dude down for a nap ;P  i was having contractions but they werent regular in any way, i took a nap on the couch, then we went to bed arouuuuundddd....10?  by 11 i was up again and had gone downstairs because my contractions were about 20 minutes apart and WICKed strong!!   i woke S. up around midnight, called the maternity ward, called my parents, texted S.s parents....then waited for mom and dad to show up so dad could watch dude (mom was coming with us)....

S. was so awesome....i was pacing back and forth, trying to not punch things during my contractions, he kept talking to me to distract me, packed our bag for the hospital (yeah, we waited until last minute :P) , held my hand, told me how beautiful i was, and the best thing i heard..."i would do this part for you if i could..."  <3

we all finally got to the hospital around...1:30 or so, and S. and my mom and the ER attendant ran behind me as i waddled/ran/ breathed heavily towards the elevator (the attendant with the ever helpful, there if i need it wheelchair LOL)  as soon as we got to the maternity ward, they got me into a room (they knew we were coming) and we found out that apparently, that night, was verrry popular with the prego ladies, the maternity ward was packed!  sooo, S. helped me get undressed (oh, haha....) we found out i was already about 6 centimeters, i got some drrruuuuuggggsss!!! :D  just some nubane (sp?) in my hand until they could get the anesthesiologist there (of course he was busy with all the other women lol) but it helped, but what helped the most was S. and my mom :)  we were talking about random stuff (yurts mostly LOL) and S. very bravely let me hold his hand through all of my contractions! <3  i actually ended up wrinkling his shirt A LOT because i kept grapping the neck of his shirt too LOL when i was 8 centimeters, the anesthesiologist showed up, and gave me an intrathecal (sp?) its a lighter dosage basically of an epidural, i had the same thing with dude and really liked it.  and although ive forgotten his name, i admit, i told him i loved him...a lot....S. laughed :D so did the anesthesiologist hehe :D  i dont remember a whole lot of stuff that was talked about at this point..i remember laughing hysterically and telling everyone that it was really funny that my butt was numb lol S. and mom were laughing at me a lot because i kept talking about how my butt was numb...then i got the shakes, which was very annoying, but its what happens....at 9 centimeters, the doctor broke my water, i started pushing around 4:15, 4:20 or so, and the really annoying thing?  anybody remember how much ive complained about acid reflux during my pregnancy? yeah well, it got a million times WORSE while i was pushing...i mean...What The F**k?????  it was miserable....im pretty sure thats why i was able to get princess out in about 20 minutes LOL because i was just...Done. (and although she was born with a full head of hair, im pretty sure that she should have had a freaking ponytail with all of the acid reflux i had LOL!!)  S. counted for me, gave me sips of water in between pushes, mom was yelling at me the whole time LOL in a good way of course LOL :D  and S. continued to tell me how beautiful i was, and what a good job i was doing, and how proud he was of me..... and like i said, princess was out of there LOL

i would tell you all about the emotions running rampant in the delivery room at that moment,
but S. says i cant LOL 

they put her on my chest, and S. cut the cord, and then there was LOTS of cuddling and picture taking <3

my mom called dad, S. went with princess to the nursery, there were more pictures, it was all a blur...

the three of us got put into a room (they needed the delivery room i was in for ANOTHer woman who was coming in, seriously it was a busy night for the maternity nurses!!)  mom had left earlier to get dad and dude, and the three of them came so dude could meet his sister :D  <3  although he handled it VERY well, he was much more concerned and focused on the fact that i had an I.V. in and mom told me that this was all he talked about all day and night and even the next day... :(    but he gave her kisses, there were more pictures, then the three of them left (mom and dad took dude for the night since we were going to be in the hospital) thennnn...S. and i slept.. LOL

that night S. let me sleep some more, and when we werent snuggled up in the incredibly small hospital bed, he was pushing princess around the maternity ward in her cradle, and taking her to get her hearing test, and taking pictures, and more pictures, and yes...more pictures LOL i told him, ive NEVER seen him so camera happy LOL <3

S. took the day off monday, and we decided to come home since the doctor cleared princess, and my doctor cleared me (i had no complications whatsoever, meaning NO problems...do you get what im hinting at?a LOL)  and honestly, i wanted to be home, under my own roof, with my family :) so after some visits from family, and S. getting me flowers and balloons from the gift shop, and a couple more hospital meals, a shower, and lots and lots of paperwork, we went home <3

since then.....well, princess is now almost 2 weeks old, and even though she of course lost some weight, being a breastfed baby and all, she is gaining it back, she sleeps allllllll the time...to the point where ive asked people if its normal....because even though i remember lots of stuff about dude being a Baby, after running around after his energetic ass for the last year....both S. and i kinda forgot that princess wouldnt be running around also LOL :D  and S., the big tough Marine?  well, lets just say that i finally understand the phrase "wrapped around her finger" because he is a big mush ball with our daughter LOL hes the sweetest, most wonderful man, has been so helpful, and honestly, sometimes, ive had to say to him... "can i hold her now?"  he worried like crazy about her umbilical cord and he calls her "princess" so much, THATS where her nickname came from LOL  weve been taking turns with bottles, and diaper changes, cuddling (both) our babies, playing hardcore with dude, and the cats LOL....

S., at this moment is playing a video game while princess is sleeping on his chest, he just fed her a bottle after putting dude to bed <3 annnnddd she just spit up all over his chest....and he laughed about it <3 

and my heart swells up with love for him and our children <3

family life may not always be easy,
but its still perfect
<3 <3 <3


16 days

im sure that lots of people are thinking right about now....."what am i thankful for?" 
 well, id say for me, theres a really long list.....

first and foremost...because its what made me think of writing this blog...im especially thankful when ive had a really hard day with dude (because this belly is getting in the way of a lot of things...) and S. comes home from work, and even though i know hes had a long day too, he completely takes over for me, and plays with dude and lets me relax...yup, thats awesome <3 <3 <3

obviously im thankful for my family, i dont know what i, or we, would do without them....they have been there for me and S. and dude every step of the way, and not just my immediate family, when i say "family", i include my in laws too <3

im thankful for my children <3 
i never knew i would be so incredibly happy just looking at dude, and ultrasound pictures of baby girl....its amazing having them in my life, i would do anything for them <3 
my heart beats for them, and i cant wait until i can finally lay eyes on baby girl  <3 

and yes...im thankful for S. <3  :D 
even though he annoys the hell out of me sometimes, and i know i annoy the hell out of him sometimes, we love each other so much, and were able to sit like adults and figure out our issues...
hes an amazing father and fiance...and im so glad that we met :D 
i love him <3 <3 <3

what else am i thankful for??

my friends <3 , pain medication, chiropractors, the fact that S. dosnt give me a hard time about stealing his socks and wearing them LOL, real internet, dude being such an awesome, smart kid, even though it hurts...baby girl stretching out in my belly, tums, being happy, healthy, and with my family <3 

theres so many more things that im thankful for, but you know, wed be here forever if i wrote it all down LOL  what an amazing life 
i love my family <3 

other updates in our family life?

saturday i got to spend the day with mom and dad and dude :)  then that night S., dude, and i went to chinese with mom and dad :)  good food, good conversation, and lots of laughs while dude was hitting on the waitress with all the cleavage LOL  seriously, he was working his game it was hysterical!! :D  and our waitress was really sweet and made sure to find me a double fortune cookie because of baby girl LOL <3

sunday we hung out all day, did a little bit of shopping :)  rented some movies :) 

sunday S. called for k...and of course no answer, even though he called right on time. big surpise....k.s mom calls back to say theyre just getting out of lunch because church got out late....seriously?....k.s 5...and shes got school on monday...and she just got done eating her shrimp plate for lunch at 2 in the afternoon??  what time is supper for her? what is her bedtime? and i dont know if k. and her mom are going to church with the moms new boyfriend and his kids...but they sure went to lunch with them because k. kept talking about the daughter....and its really funny when we can continuously hear k.s mom in the background, trying to discipline her boyfriends daughter, and telling her not to talk about certain things that she dosnt want S. to hear about :D  S. and i were laughing a lot :D  looks like that free babysitting thing is still going on...  whats not funny?  when a little 5 year old girl has the nastiest attitude towards her father and is continuously telling him "its nothing you have to worry about"  when he asks her any sort of question.  her mother seriously needs to watch what kind of attitude shes teaching her daughter, because k. is turning into a snot...its unfortunate. 

monday, dude and i went to playgroup...we had a really good time :)  there was a lot of riding bikes outside and at one point i was pedaling a little kids trike, with dude in the seat in front of me, hauling 2 kids in the wagon behind me, and carrying another little girl on my hip...yes, it was hysterical!!  all the moms were laughing so hard :D  and also giving me a hard time about putting myself in labor...my repsonse?  well, lets hope it works LOL  it didnt... *sigh*  oh well  then dude passed out and i worked on my projects all afternoon :)

were really excited to go to grammies for thanksgiving dinner on thursday, and i hope my brother and his family can make it too, because i really miss them, but im thinking it might be better for them to not travel tomorrow considering the snow were supposed to get slammed with!!  and S. was supposed to work tomorrow, but now hes not :)  so hes excited to get some real hunting in before the season ends, and hes excited to take dude out in the snow tomorrow <3  me? even though i want this baby girl to get here, im kind of hoping she dosnt decide to come tomrorrow LOL 

the other day S. said to me "im so glad i got out of the marine corps, its awesome being able to spend so much time with dude, and i wouldnt have been able to do that if i was still in..."  i gotta say, i feel the same way <3

speaking of dude, his obsession with "jungle book" has moved into an obsession with "despereaux"  its pretty funny actually!  he will sit for the entire movie, silent, with his feet crossed, and his hands clasped <3  but then, within the last few days, his obsession has grown to include "300"  (i recently bought it for S. :)  and he asks for both movies alllll day long!! :D  weve had to start putting our metaphorical foot down and telling him no...just so we dont go crazy hearing "despereaux" dialogue all day every day LOL  annnd now we even have to say no to watching "300" just because its starting to get boring...in my opinion at least LOL :)

im thinking in a few weeks, im going to be doing a lot of double takes whenever i walk past a mirror LOL  even S. has said its going to be funny seeing me with a flat belly again :)  but i do think its funny that i can no longer wash dishes without getting my belly wet at the same time...and the whole clumsiness, running my belly into things is getting kind of old LOL :D

annnnnnnd i only have 16 days until my due date!! :D
<3 <3 <3



sooooo, you know that Pampers commercial that is usually played around the holidays? where the lady is singing "sleep in heavenly peace..." and they show a bunch of ridiculously adorable babies sleeping?  yeahhhhh, i just saw it for the first time this season....and it still kills me!  oh wow am i ready for baby girl to get here so i can see her!!! :D

and a question thats been on my mind for a while now...does a parent EVER stop watching their child sleep?  because i feel like i could watch dud sleep for hours.....and its NOT because im so happy that hes being quiet LOL!!!!  :D

i L.O.V.E LOOOOVE having "real" internet again!!  :D  talk about extraordinarily convenient AND helpful with my recent venture!! :D

however, it sucks when you get home from work (and its already dark because of the awesome time change) and the power is out......all over the ENTIRE town!!  yeahhhhhh.....this is the FOURTH time that S. and i have lost power while living here.....twice it was because the entire town was out (and it was incredibly WEIRD to the point that you think zombies are going to jump out at any second or something...) once because of the awesome downed tree during "irene" and the other time was in the winter, so thats to be expected.  needless to say, S. and i have both enthusiastically agreed that one of our first purchases when we move into a house...is going to be aaaaaaa.......GENERATOR!!! 

i had such a great time christmas shopping with mom and nana and dude on sunday!! :)  i got so much stuff, that really all i have to do now is get the "big" presents for dude and baby girl :)  oh yeahhhhh and the other half of my present for S. :P  annnnnnnnd i fell in love with a.c moore...and i had forgotten how much i love target......i definately have to go to that area for shopping way more often.

saturday....dude went hunting with S.......and proved that he is definately not the ideal hunting partner!!  :D  he was sitting on S.s shoulders when they walked up on some deer, and before S. went to get dude down so he could take a shot....he said "_____, shhh...look...deer..."  dudes response?  to yell at the top of his lungs "HEY!  HEY DEER!"  LMAO!!!  how funny is that???  S. KNEW he probably wouldnt actually get anything while out with dude, but its still hilarious :D  S. just loves to take dude out, no matter what...they also had a "picnic" while laying in the grass together looking at the clouds, and dude goes out with S. so much he can now recognize different tracks, and names off trees, its awesome :D

thennnn later that day....dude was being realllly super quiet while he was playing upstairs...i know i probably should have gone up to see him and what he was doing, but when i called up to him...he came right to the stairs and smiled at me, and came back down and continued playing, so i didnt think anything of it until S. and i went to bed that night....i walked into our room and my instant reaction? "ohhhhhhh *GASP*"  S. runs in....and we both start LAUGHING hysterically at the same time!!  dude, the most helpful little guy ever, had taken ALLLLLL of his baby sisters clothes out of the dresser i have set up for her in our room, next to the cradle, and piled them all onto our bed!!!  :D   im talking about 5 drawers full of baby clothes.... all we could do was laugh <3  at least it wasnt lavendar scented baby oil :D

speaking of baby girl...shes not moving so much lately...gathering energy? ohhhh yeah!!  theres lots of rolling...and trying to push her way out of the side of my belly with her knees and toes though!  my 37 week check up is tomorrow :)  and i have....21? days left :D

imagine that....k.s mom is apparently already over being NICE...because when S. finally got through on her cell phone sunday night (he couldnt call the house because of connection problems)  she was a COMPLETE bitch  "its not between 2 and 3:30....and youre not supposed to be calling her on my phone anyway, and im at choir practice..."  surprise surprise....shes changed her attitude AGAIN   seriously, she NEEDS medication.  and can we talk about how much of a hypocrite she is??  choir practice? really?  how drunk did you get saturday night?  im not a fan of sunday religious people..... and can we also talk about the fact that your daughter just had a tosilectomy on THURSDAY??  why arent you still home with her?  i dont care if shes already feeling "better"....oh thats right, because you have k.s GREAT GRANDMOTHER to watch your daughter for you.....wow. thats fair for everyone....

so lets recap....k.s mom hates S. and me....then lets S. talk to k. wednesday night before her surgery, then she texts me on thursday, then she lets S. talk to k. thursday night even though she had said she wasnt going to let S. talk to her, then shes mad again on sunday.....wow, thats a full 180 degrees of emotion in one week.  yup, i called it.

besides all that.....

my knitting bag is constantly at my side LOL

i love it when dude wants to wake up at 5:30 am.....but goes back to sleep for another hour and half :D

my belly is SOOO round its hysterical!!!  it honestly looks like ive got a basketball under my shirt at all times....but no stretch marks!!!!

and i guess its time to get going for the day :D

{{21 DAYS}}
<3 <3 <3


More Background Info, Including the Roller Coaster Actions of a Childish Mom

Before I get started, I would like to say this.....

K.s mom thinks that she is now "LETTING" me care about K., and "LETTING" me be involved in K.s life??



When S. and I first started talking in April 2008, I knew that he had a daughter and that he and the mom would be getting a divorce as soon as he got home from Iraq.  Was I a little nervous about getting involved with someone who had such a young child (K. turned 2 a few days after S. and I started talking)?  Yeah, but thats to be expected.  S. and I actually discussed what our plan of action should be for how long we should wait before I actually MET K., because S. didnt want to introduce someone to K. who might not end up being a permanent part of her life (*ahem* at this point I would like to remind you all that K.s mom has introduced so many guys to K., that S. and I have STOPPED counting...)  and when I moved down to NC, I was still nervous, but S. knew that K. would love me, and K. and I got along AWEsome.  What was the problem?  I'll give you one guess....

Since I first moved in with S. and became a permanent part of K.s life, K.s mom has CONTINUOUSLY changed her mind about how she feels about it.  When I first moved down there, S. and I were invited to supper at her house, she had no problem whatsoever with me coming into the house with S. to pick up and drop off K....what changed??  I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking that K.s moms bipolar tendencies kicked in. 

She would like me, she would be ok with me being around...then a few weeks later she would change her mind and I wouldn't be allowed to have anything to do with K., she would tell S. that I wasn't even allowed in her driveway....  and this is the way that it's been since.  For a while I wasn't allowed to come in the house.  Then she wanted me to make K.s birthday cake for her 3rd birthday party.....then she wanted me to babysit K. while she went to class.....and she sent me emails telling me that she actually feels safer dropping K. off with S. because she knows that I'm there, and she sees that I care about K. and take care of her......then she taught K. to call me a "bitch" and literally threatened to not finalize hers and S.s divorce if I didn't take the picture I had of K. down from my myspace!!  Can anyone say "childish" ??  (she would claim that she didn't want me to have pictures of K. up because she didn't know what kind of friends I had....yeah....I found pictures on the internet of K. being given a bath by the moms current boyfriend...and this picture showed all of K. if you know what I mean....I have always had my pictures private (except for ones that I dont care if the world sees them)  I found this picture of k. on the internet...so dont say anything to me about "privacy"........ )  K.s mom would continuously tell me that I'M not K.s mom (no shit) and that I had no say whatsoever in how K. was raised or what her mom did with her.....K.s mom would continuously tell me that I shouldn't have gotten involved with a man who already had a child if I wasn't ready to deal with the mom also.....it got really silly, really fast. 

When I moved back up to Maine during S.s second deployment.....K.s mom wanted to bring K. to Maine (with her current husband) to meet Dude after he was born!!!  I said no, because there was no way that S.s ex wife and her new husband were going to meet Dude before S could!!  I said we could set up a skype date for K. to see Dude...did it happen? No, because the mom thought it would be too confusing for K....way to go underestimating your daughters intelligence.

Since S. has come back from Iraq, since he and I and Dude have moved back to Maine, things have gotten worse. 

There were times that K.s mom wouldn't let me OR Dude talk to K. on the phone, she threatened to hang up the phone if S. even ASKED K. if she wanted to talk to me.  K.s mom is ok with the fact that K. blames DUDE for S. moving way.  She has threatened to put a restraining order on me so that I can't go near "her" house if we ever come down to visit because Dude and I have no reason to be around "her" house......and there have been so many other silly situations that I can't even think about them all right now......

Annnnnnnnnd suddenly......K.s mom is the sweetest thing imaginable and decides to keep ME "updated" on K.s progress during her tonsilectomy surgery this past Thursday......seriously??  Yup, she sent a text saying that K. was giggling hysterically because of the drugs as she was going into surgery.....I told her that S. was at work and to not send me text messages and that she could talk to S. when he got home....she went off about how shes "LETTING" me CARE about K. and her life, about how if I don't want to care aboutK. with her, then that was my problem......seriously??

Ready for my take on the situation??

Has this whole situation between me, S., K., and K.s mom been difficult on me since day one? 

Yeah, it has.

I spent A LOT of time with K. while I was living in NC, and I'm extraordinarily attached to the girl, S. would have visitation with her for a few hours every Thursday night, and every other Saturday....I saw that little girl grow up...hung out with her, saw her silly side, K. even got to the point where she wanted to call my mom to talk to her, K. would even listen to me when I disciplined her, I was the one making sure that S. didn't give her any more candy or sweet stuff because it was almost supper time, I picked out presents for her, buckled her into her car seat, she would tell me that she loved me.....do I consider K. my daughter? No, but she WILL be my step-daughter one day.  Have I done all the things with K. that a mom does with their child? No, I admit that, I NEVER claimed that I wanted to be K.s MOM or that I was trying to take the place of her mom.

So when I have some stupid, bipolar bitch, continuously accusing me of trying to take her place, and telling me to get my own family, well, thats when I'm just done.


I don't need K.s mom to LET me CARE about K., I DO CARE about K., but that dosnt mean that I need to talk to YOU about her.  I can get information from S. thanks so much.  I dont need you to LET me INTO K.s life....I AM a part of her life, whether you care to admit it or not.....  dont sit there, thinking you're an awesome mom, when you're not.  Don't sit there and accuse ME of being the one causing problems in this situation, because I'm NOT.  I don't sit in the background during conversations that S. is having with k. and run my mouth (yes, occasionally I tell S. he should ask K. about school, or whatever holiday, and suggest things to talk about, and yes I have shouted out that K.s mom is a bitch (when we were on the phone with K.s mom, not while talking to K.).......but K.s mom is ALWAYS on the phone, talking to S. more than K. does, because she is still underestimating her 5 year old daughters intelligence and thinks that S. and K. will have nothing to talk about).  when was the last time I actually talked to K.? Hmmm, a few weeks ago.  Before that? Maybe a month ago. Before that?  Who knows.  I have stopped being upset by this....because I'm a hard hearted bitch? Nope, because I know that K.s mom is feeding her complete bullshit, and that some day, thank god, K. will realize what truly happened between her mom and dad and me.  S. knows how I feel about his daughter, he knows that I care about her and love her and want the best for her, that I worry about her and the situation shes in by living with her mom and the revolving front door, S. knows these things, and soon K. will too, and thats whats important right now. 

I refuse to walk around on eggshells, wondering what kind of mood K.s mom will be in that particular week.  I refuse to continuously adjust my mood and ways of thinking to K.s mom and how she feels about me that particular week.  I was over her fucking roller coaster attitude a looooong time ago....just like I'm sure a lot of people around her get tired of it....I was tired of her stupid games a loooong time ago.....I stopped playing a looooong time ago.  S. gets it.  He sees how the psycho bitch reacts to me, how she treats me, and has no problem whatsoever with my actions.

So do I have to be nice to her?  No.
Am I going to be nice to her? No.
Do I block out everything she says? Yes.

Do I still love and care about my future step daughter? With all my heart. 


36 Weeks and Counting!

YOU GOT IT!!!!!  :D  LOL 
S. and i are still hoping for thanksgiving weekend though LOL because we are so anxious to meet this baby girl, that 2 weeks early sounds like its ok!!  LOL 
watch, ill probably be 2 weeks late.....  :P

this girl has her fingers in a lot of pots today, actually i will for a few weeks... hehehe

besides allll of the things that S. and i need to get done around the house....ive been helping the neighbors do some stuff with their business because theyre so incredibly busy (ESPECially with christmas and all), annnnnnnd the little "project" ive been working on has taken a big leap forward!!  :)  does that mean i might be wicked crazy busy for the next few weeks (like im not already wicked crazy busy all the time?? :P )  yes it does, but i dont care because its an awesome start for me!!!!  :D 

seriously...SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED!!!! :D

wow, its saturday morning....its 5:45, and S. didnt jump out of bed to go hunting?? 
well, he IS reallllly tired ;)  LOL 

we had an awesome day yesterday! 

although dude has a little bit of a stuffy/runny nose, he was the most amazing kid at his 2 year well check!!  S. is so proud of him its so funny and cute :)  its funny when the nurse asks questions like "does ____ put 2 or 3 words together?"  honestly S. and i sat there and laughed then told the nurse, "um, he speaks in full sentences......."  then laughed some more :D  even the doctor and the nurses remarked on it :D   dude sat in daddys lap and didnt make a fuss whatsoever about the doctor looking in his eyes, ears, and mouth, and when the nurse came back to give him a shot, he didnt cry, and when another nurse had to take lots of blood from a finger prick to do the state test for lead, dude sat on daddys lap patiently the whole time talking to her!!  :)  it was actually really funny....and then when we went next door for my OB check-up (i love how conveniently placed those two doctors offices are LOL) dude told alllllll of the nurses and my doctor about the lady that took his blood :D  funny!!  everything was awesome with my doctors appointment also :)  dude sat on daddys lap again while we talked with the doctor, things are what theyre supposed to be, i now start going every week, and baby girls heartbeat is like music to me <3  dude fell asleep on the way home, S. went out hunting, i did some work for the neighbors, and then after dude went to bed, S. and i had a "date night" witth a movie we had rented :D <3

soooooo today.....we just need to do some winterizing around the house, we both need to work on specific projects, i need to get my christmas shopping list ready for tomorrow!!  (im so excited about hanging out with mom and nana all day!! :D), and i think im going to make those chocolate cookies with peanut butter chunks because i know S. would love them :) 

but for a while, im just going to sit here, enjoy the silence, and drink some more coffee, and rub my belly..... :P

ps. i LOVE the fact that i can still make my brother laugh hysterically :D  it was awesome talking to you the other day,  love you!!



Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

Happy Birthday Mom-in-Law!!

Happy Anniversary to my brother and SIL!!!

whew....i think thats all the "happys" for today LOL

what a chill day we had yesterday for dudess birthday :D  went shopping.....had peanut butter and fluff for lunch....played outside....took a nap (him, not me LOL).....and had more cake after supper with S. and i singing to him :)  dude had the funniest smile while we sang to him though, it was so cute, it almost looked like an embarassed smile hehehehe :)  outside again with daddy for a little while, then off to bed with no problem :)  it must be hard being 2....

allllllmost 36 weeks.....doctors appointment tomorrow!!!  :D 
how is it that im getting used to feeling knees and toes in my ribs?? 

cant wait to eat the yummy pot roast tonight that im going to put in the crock pot later :)

im thinking of putting together a daddy shower gift for S....
i feel kinda bad that i got so much cool stuff at my baby shower...
im not really sure what to get him though...

besides some ear plugs LOL.....

WOW!!  baby girl is going to have A LOT of clothes!!!!  :D

so, when i run around all morning, putting together information that i need to have for an important appointment, then i get to that appointment....and they dont even LOOK AT or ASK for that imformation....yeah, i find that INcredibly annoying!!

dudess birthday party on sunday was so much fun!!!  lots of craziness....over 70 balloons all over the floor will do that LOL .....there was wrapping paper flying..... everyone loved the cake that S. and i decorated :) ....... the poor guy was so exhausted that he was fast asleep on the couch by 5 LOL  then on monday dude got his present from pumpkin and granddad (S.s parents :)  its this really cool kitchen!!  S. put it together that night when he got home....well, it took a little bit longer than it should have because dude was so intent on "helping" !!!  talk about cute though!!!  dude loves the kitchen set, and yesterday i looked over and he had put soup cans on the stove burners LOL  cute
time to get going....time for breakfast for me and my man <3  :D

<3 <3 <3


To Our Son, With Love

i woke up at 5am today.....and my first thought?  what was i doing at this time 2 years ago? 
oh right,
i was crying, mumbling that i couldnt push anymore, and mom was telling me that i could,
that i was almost done! 
 then, 45 minutes later,
dude was born <3

do all moms feel nostalgic on their childrens birthdays?  it seeeeeems.....yes. 

i remember yelling at the doctor to not drop him (hehehehe :) already the protective mama bear!)  and calling S. 2 seconds later (he was in iraq on his second tour)  and all i could do was stare at our perfect son who looked exactly like S. <3

i remember talking to S. every day on skype so he could see dude.  S. would stare at him for the entire time we were on the computer, already feeling so much pride for his son :) he could NOT wait to get home to meet him!  and actually, now that i think about it....i got a nice long hug and kiss...then S. ran to dudes bed to pick him up!  and even though it was super late at night, dude was awake and waiting for S, and stared right back at him as S held him for the first time :)  he never doubted for one second S, was his daddy, and S. never doubted for one second that dude was his son.....

now, our son is 2 years old today....and S. and i still cant stop staring at our son LOL  he is so awesome, and handsome, and perfect.......have there been days when weve been frustrated as all hell? um, well, yeah, its called "parenthood" LOL  but, our son has the impeccable timing of doing something really rotten, or crazy, or daring....then smiling and hugging us so that we forget everything bad LOL  (i actually think he learned this fabulous trait from BOTH of us LOL)  were constantly seeing dude do things, that are perfect imitations of us, he leans against walls and crosses his feet like me when hes telling a story, he lowers his head and smiles like S. he has his fathers body type, wicked dark brown eyes, and mouth (with my smile :) its an awesome combination!), and my nose, and hair...........hes crazy and playful, and loves being outside like S., loves books and reading like i do.   dude is so stinkin smart....obviously he gets that from both of us LOL  hes already reading, and talks and tells stories in full sentences, knows all his colors, different types of trees and trucks, and so many other things that we could go on and on about it......acually both S. and i could talk nonstop about dude....and sometimes we do LOL 

so, actually, since we could go on forever, and write so much more about dude,
well wrap this up.....

we love you,
and were so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. dont ever stop doing all the crazy things you do, because all those things, are what makes you ....... YOU!!  LOL 
and whatever your father and i might say.... we LIKE being kept on our toes...and thats what you do LOL

<3 <3 <3


what a ridiculously childish, selfish b*tch

soooooo, S.s daughter k. needs to get her tonsils out, and her surgery is next thursday......

S. texted k.s mom yesterday to let her know he could call k. either before 2 on sunday, or later that night since dudess birthday party is at 2...and k.s mom called back (it was interesting that she wasnt at work at 1 in the afternoon...) k.s mom says....."you can call at 1 since were going to be at the airport at 2 anyways to pick up my sister" (first of all, nice of you to give us some heads up, im pretty sure she wouldnt have let S. know to NOT call at 2 since k. will be so distracted) then k.s mom reminds S. that k. will be going for surgery on thursday, so S says "yes, i know, so ill also be calling on wednesday night and thursday night...."  the moms response..."you can call wednesday night but if you call on thursday im not answering the phone because k. wont be able to talk anyway."    

yeah, we KNOW k. wont be able to talk, but she can STILL HEAR right???
so whats wrong with S. calling his daughter to tell her he loves her after she gets out of surgery? 
yeah i dont know either...

S. TELLS k.s mom this, she says...she dosnt care, shes still not answering the phone because....and this is the good one....SHE DOSNT WANT TO LISTEN TO HER SISTER BITCH ABOUT S.....um really????  apparently her sister HATES S......does he care? um no.....S. hasnt SEEN much less TALKED to his ex sister in law in over 2 years....so maybe she should get over her issues....or MAYBE you could tell your sister to shut the hell up, because S has every right to talk to his daughter after surgery!!!!

S. asked WHERE k. was going to be having surgery, he got lots of attitude from k.s mom, then, when he asked for it, SHE WOULDNT EVEN GIVE S. THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE SURGERY CENTER!!!  i mean, REALLY??!!  what the f*ck is her problem???  i guess shes going to be too busy with her boyfriend and her sister there with her, that she dosnt want S. calling her cell phone to TALK TO HIS DAUGHTER!!!!

k.s mom seriously needs to f*cking GROW UP and f*cking get OVER HERSELF and realize that SHE is the one making this a stressful situation for k.....
all S. wants to do is tell k. that he loves her....

way to go being a f*cking awesome mom and realizing that......

powerful stuff ;)

i admit it. 
im freaking out, just a little. LOL 
35 weeks baby!!!!! 
and for those of you not counting,
that means only 5 more weeks!!  :D

ohhhhh halloween :)  you were interesting this year LOL

i had dude dressed and ready to go by 5 so we could go as soon as S. got home :)  he was soooo excited!!  S., not dude LOL  dude knew something different was going on, but he didnt realize until everyone started giving him candy, that this night was for HIM LOL :D  so, our little sheriff walked around town, not even paying attention to the other kids, intent on saying "happy halloween" and "trick or treat" and grabbing as much candy as possible, he was so sweet and of course said "thank you" at every single house <3  so S. and i froze our butts off, and S. carried dude back to the truck at the end of the night (7pm!! *gasp*!!  LOL)  i made a quick supper while dude bounced off the walls LOL and then he surprisingly PASSED out as soon as S. started reading him a bedtime story <3  what a good night!!

im very excited to decorate dudes birthday cake <3
and S.....surprised the hell out of me and now he wants to help decorate the cake!!  LOL  it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that we picked out some military toys for cake toppers....but WHATever!!!!  (i actually think it would have been the same if we had picked out animals and 4wheelers!!)  S. wants to help decorate his sons cake and thats all that matters!!  <3

its cool hearing people talk about how smart and advanced dude is <3 
even S. is blown away because hes never seen anything like it :D

i cleaned out dudes toy box in our living room the other day, since his party is on sunday....wow was that a task LOL  so most of his toys went upstairs to his bedroom because.....the dude has figured out how to climb over the gate that we had blocking off the stairs... *sigh*  needless to say, we just took the gate down...he does AWEsome on the stairs, scootches on his butt, the whole nine yards, its just that i was in complete shock the first time i watched him actually do it LOL  he had done it once before the other day....but hadnt tried again, thennnnnnnnn he did, with a VERY proud smile on his face by the way :D 

so now our son has complete run of the house, and SOMEtimes tries to procrastinate what needs to be done by saying "go upstairs"  but of course it dosnt fly LOL

then....that night...we were pretty sure we heard dude fall out of his crib...HE DIDNT thank goodness, you shouldve seen how fast S. ran up there (ill be glad when I can move that fast again LOL) but he was definately trying to climb out....so another birthday present the dude is getting? 
a big boy bed this weekend <3

i love when i go to get dude out of bed in the morning, and he points out all the books that daddy read to him the night before <3
i found an awesome knitting pattern for leg warmers on ravelry the other day!!!  im so excited to try it out!!

um, actually, i found A LOT of really cool patterns that i cant wait to try out LOL!!!!

right now, dude is laying some of his little figurines down on the floor (a smurf, a yellow robot, a dragon) and pretending to change their "diapers"  while pulling out the box of wipes. yup, its wicked cute :)

anyways, i guess thats it for now...ive got a bunch of things to do today to get ready for tomorrow :D


trick orrrrr treat!!

or as dude would say....."twick or tweat" :D

soooo building snowmen BEFORE hallloween??  kinnnndaaaa funny LOL  yup, we didnt get ANYwhere NEAR 10 inches (more like 2) but it was enough snow for S. and dude to make a snowman sunday morning <3  then later in the afternoon, they carved out dudes pumpkin :D  actually, dude played with the pumpkin guts, and i showed him how to shoot seeds across the room (and at daddy :P ) while S. carved the pumpkin LOL <3 then S. toasted the seeds while i made supper, and since dude is in the habit of falling asleep at the supper table lately, when we finally woke him up so S. could get him washed up and changed for bedtime, dude was very insistent that he watch "charlie brown" :D  he LOVES "the great pumpkin" movie LOL so he and daddy cuddled on the couch, it was so sweet :D

i am in the process of running the humidifier and boiling numerous pots of water, because my nose is SO dry its not EVEN funny!!  but its getting better.......talk about annoying!

k.s mom hasnt broken the good news to her about S. and i having another baby!! surprise surprise!!  the mom has known about my pregnancy for a couple of months now, but still hasnt found the "right" time to tell her daughter shes going to have a little sister??  yeahhhh okay.  we wanted to tell k. so shed have lots of time to get used to the idea, but if her mother wants to be stupid about the situation, i guess thats her call.  all i know is that when k. gets older and finds out how long her mother was lying to her, shes not going to be happy!!

oooooooohhhh   i just realized its only 2 more weeks until i go christmas shopping with mom and nana!!!  :D

and dudes birthday party is next week!!!!  :D

i CANNOT believe hes going to be 2!!!!

last night S. was rubbing my belly and talking to baby girl telling her to hurry up because we cant wait to meet her!!  <3  during supper time (while dude was sleeping LOL) we were talking about the whole labor and hospital stuff, i was telling him about my experience at the hospital with dude, and what he should expect with some things :D  hes so cute and excited!! 

yesterday was one of my last days of "working"  :D 

that show on FX, American Horror Story??  yeah, its awesome!!! 

i love coupons that let you get free stuff :)

what do i want to do after baby girl is born?  along with having my hair colored?  theres a new thai food and sushi restaurant in town.....and i want sushi...with a passion!!  i know S. feels the same LOL is that going to be our first post baby date? im thinking, yes ;)  ohhhh, and im also really excited to sleep on my stomach LOL !!!!

time to get going for the day :)  errands to run, things to do around the house, and watching jungle book numerous times with dude LOL <3

<3 <3 <3


feelin fabulous!! :D

ahhhhh the first day of deer hunting season... LOL
 guess whos already out and about??  yup, ive never seen S. get out of bed without hitting the snooze button a couple of times...but i tell you what, he did today LOL 
hes cute :D

we had my 34 week check up yesterday :D  of course everything is awesome :D  nothing too crazy we just discussed my birth plan, and S. cutting the cord :D  then after my 36 week check up i start going every week...

i made the most amaaaaaaaazing pot of chicken alfredo last night!  with spinach and mushrooms....and some homemade garlic bread ohhhhh man! you should have seen S. and dude demolish it!!!  LOL 
 i, however, can only eat a few bites of something before im full....its cool though LOL its for a good reason ;)  but what i could fit in there, along with my glass of milk, was wicked good LOL

sooooo 6 to 10 inches of snow??
that amount has risen drastically since the last time we watched the weather!! 
i still dont think well get anything......

dude is LOVING the pistol belt that we got him for his halloween costume :) 
he even draws both pistols at the same time LOL

he is also LOVing the jungle book and finding nemo recently :)  and yes, asks to watch them specifically, and will sit on the couch and watch very patiently! 
i think i found a new "babysitter" for when i want to knit LOL

i dont know what i ever did in my life to deserve someone as cool, and awesome, and smart, and handsome, and sweet, as my son......
but im sure glad that i did it

S. was telling me, that the other night after i had fallen asleep, he was laying with his hand on my belly, and baby girl was moving around like crazy :) he thought that was so cool, i mean, he feels her move around all the time, and sees it too LOL, but i think he especially liked it since i was asleep, you know?  like he got to share a private moment between just him and his daughter <3 
and i know she moves around when im sleeping, but its cool to actually KNOW it...
you know what i mean?? 
maybe that dosnt really make sense, but whatever LOL :D

i love how much patience S. has with dude <3 
hes such an amazing father :D 
he will literally read endlessly to dude, and he laughs when dude hits him on the head with his (plastic) hammer, and explains everything that hes doing....tickles him, teaches him, its just really sweet how much he obviously loves him :) 
 i know that it will be the same with our baby girl <3

allllllriight :) i guess its time to get goin, the dude is up, and its time for breakfast :)  and im going to work on a few projects that S. and i have going on :)  S.s going to be home....around lunch time? 
then i think hes going to take dude out hunting <3 

<3 <3 <3



some of the crazy things going on with our family right now? lol   lets see.......

prettttttty sure dude is cutting another of his molars

the other day dude was feeding his "baby" doll a crayon.....THAT was stopped very fast!!!  LOL!!

im 33 weeks pregnant, and i think we need to start taking dates for our pool, because i actually think this baby is going to arrive the day after thanksgiving, or right around then at least!!

ive gained 25 pounds by the way!!!!!!  alll in my belly!!!!!!!  {{S. loves it LOL ;) }} 
but im right on track, did i mention that baby girl is about 4 pounds?? 
and i gained about 30 pounds with dude so this is normal LOL

S. is pretty annoyed that the weatherman is calling for snow on thursday night,
 im not surprised about it though.... :P

whats the combined weight of our 2 cats?  hmmm maybeeeee 7 pounds?  regardless, it still sounds like a freaking herd of elephants running up and down our stairs when they start playing....this would be fine if it wasnt at 10 at night or 6 in the morning!! LOL 

im knitting my butt off :D  hellllloooooo christmas presents!! :D  well for some people....i know theres some people who probaby wouldnt even SEE the present (*ahem*.....k....) 
 i love that ravelry website that my neighbor told me about!!

we got another box of clothes for baby girl from mom in law the other day :D  noooooo, thats not the crazy part....the crazy part is how unbelievably EXCITED i am for this little girl to arrive!!  LOL  yes ive been excited all along, but now its out of CONTROL!!  the clothes are soooo cute, just like everything else weve gotten, AND MIL found some ruby slippers that match the ones i have!!!  LOL ahhhhh "matching outfit" pictures :P

other updates??

i cant help but get a kick out of people who CAN NOT make up their minds LOL

i am continuously vacuuming because of all the sawdust S. keeps tracking in after working on his lathe....the reason this isnt a problem??  because hes doing some really cool stuff on it...and im in my nesting stage and would probably be vacuuming all the time any ways LOL :P

S. and i are working on a theory......its coming along interesting... LOL 

dude is getting TALL and is speaking in sentences and frequently reads to US :D 
we cant wait to go to his 2 year check up!!

he affectionately calls our new cat (whos name is "tulah") "TUNA"  LOL how freakin cute :D 
i think thats the only reason she didnt get renamed!!  <3

i think because of the forecast of snow, im in a wicked baking mood LOL

its funny how, as kids, we never think that our parents are right. about anything.  then something happens as an adult, (or teenager), and you realize your parents WERE RIGHT.
ex.  my mom thought bag balm was disgusting even though papa swore by it, now she uses it LOL
i thought bag balm was disgusting, and realized after dude recent diaper rash (from teething) that it actually works really good.... *sigh*  :D

were very excited for halloween :D  i think im going to paint a huge flower on my belly LOL and dude is going to be the cutest sheriff EVER :D  is S. going to dress up?  hmmmmmm im not sure LOL 

im very excited to go christmas shopping with mom and nana and dude in a few weeks!!  weve been doing it since right after dude was born, so theres no reason to not do it this year :) 
of course, were doing it much EARlier since ill be ready to pop soon LOL

i guess thats all for now, you see, things arent all that crazy right now actually.....
life is perfect with our little family

<3 <3 <3


when i see your face :)

sooooo im 32 (well, almost 33 :)  weeks pregnant now, and im spending my time wondering whyyyyyyy a few weeks ago, time seemed to be flying like crazy.....but now that we actually have everything READY for baby girl, time seems to have slowed down to a craaaaaaaawwwwllllllll..... blah!!!! LOL  i guess i can actually understand it, but that dosnt make it less frustrating!!!  were so excited to meet this girl!!!! :D <3

otherwise, life is awesome!! :)  spent some time with mom and nana on sunday while S. helped dad on the addition, S. did some work on his lathe last night while i was knitting :),  i got my flu shot on friday, and even though it knocked me on my ass that night, and i could barely move my arm! i didnt have any other symptoms :) S. and dude went "hunting" on saturday...thats a funny story!!  and we did some shopping, dude got his flu shot on monday....soooo THAT was pretty rough.....but after a long nap early yesterday afternoon....he was right as rain :D 

we got our new kitten over the weekend too! :D  (and just so everyone knows, we still have galore :)  S. just reallllly wanted this kitten too LOL)  and the two cats had to have some hiss fits with each other, but now they have a weird way of playing together LOL

ive been working on thank you notes from my baby shower (yes, they ARE coming out soon LOL), cleaning/nesting, making plans with S. :), talking about christmas :D  rubbing baby girls feet so shell get them out from underneath my ribs LOL, wrapping up my last days of work, and getting hot flashes because of all this blood flow.

in addition to all of these things, ive also had to do some pretty gross laundry, AFTER S. had it soaking in the bath tub that is....because you see, when S. and dude went hunting on saturday...on their way back home, as they were literally in the backyard....dude fell into cow poop. (the people who own the land directly behind us have A LOT of cows, and S. always cuts through the pasture)  LOL im SERIOUS!!  and im not talking  "cow patty"  im talking the huge pile of cow shit that they use as fertilizer in the spring LOL  i guess he kinda just slid into it, its not like he had it on his face or anything....but according to S., as soon as it happened, dude got really upset and starting crying  "oooooohhhhh poooooooooop!!!"  LOL  so S. stripped him down in the field, wiped off his hands in the grass, put his shirt on dude, and got him to the house where as soon as dude got through the door, he started telling me.. "poop"   i thought he had pooped or something LOL nope.....god it was hysterical, my jaw was on the floor the whole time S. was telling me the story!!  so dude and S. took a shower together LOL  i WISH i had been there....dude still tells us about cow poop LOL

ive been forcing myself to do something reallllly important the past few days....when dude is taking a nap....i actually do what I want to do!! LOL  i know i know it seems sillllllyyy....and i know i should be tackling my ever growing to do list....but f*ck it.  LOL im pretty sure i wont have any time to myself in a few weeks!!  soooo the other day when dude was taking a nap....I STRAIGTENED MY HAIR *GASP*  and then got quite a few compliments on it LOL has it been THAT long since ive straightened it??  i dont think so.....anyways...i can also see the living room tv from the bathroom, so i ALSO watched days of our lives!!! *GASP*  LOL it was nice :)  and now, while dude is napping...instead of tackling those dishes? yup, im writing this blog....and i ate that piece of chocolate i was craving :P 

S. talked to k. for a while monday night, and k. talked to me and dude too :D  it was nice :)  k. asked me to make her a princess costume for halloween, because apparently shes going to be a bunny, but she dosnt seem very enthusiastic about it...and her mom told her ever so nicely that i was tooooo busy to make k. a costume LOL  am i busy? yup.  can i make a costume? yup :)  well have to see what happens ;)

now that baby girl is approximately 4 pounds.....
its seriously uncomfortable when she decides to roll over.....
 a million times a day LOL 

im already excited for tax return season :)  nothing like new tattoos with tax return money LOL

i guess thats it for nowwww :)  im going to do some more knitting while dude is still sleeping, then its time for a chiropractors appointment!! :D 


<3 <3 <3